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WD18 Timer Button bug?

Startbeitrag von kimor am 27.08.2013 19:49


I have a Timer button in my project.
Suddenly it stopped showing the count down and not doing anything after the time has passed.
The button works clicking on it and the code runs.
I took it away and created a new button, no luck.
I enabled Timer button on another button, no luck.
I created a new project with a button, success!

Anyone that has any idea why the count down stopped working in the project?



Hi Kim

if I'm notmistaken, you are victim of the AAF. If you right clic on the button during execution, the Automatic Application Features allow you to setup this kind of things. Your setup is then stored in the registry and takes precedence over the program original settings.

To verify if it's coming from there, find the registry key pertaining to your program and delete it (or delete the ini/xml file if you have changed by code where your application settings are stored).

To prevent this from happening in the future, you can set up the AAF so that this option is not available anymore (see help for that)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 28.08.2013 08:55
Hi Fabrici,
Oh, I see...I will check that.



von kimor - am 28.08.2013 13:31
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