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How to add an Icon to an exe

Startbeitrag von Andres Sanchez am 19.11.2008 23:29


I am using the SysIconAdd command to include an icon on the tray area.
Everything is fine, unless I forget to provide the icon file with my exe.

How can I add the icon to the exe resources and get it from there to use it in my SysIconAdd command?

In Clarion I just included the icon file in the project and inside my code I can use it just by prefixing a (~) to the name of the icon.


Andres Sanchez
Monterrey Mexico


Re: How to add an Icon to an exe - SOLVED

Sorry, the answer was too obvious that I haven't tried it.

You only have to include the icon to the library, and WD will take it from there.


Andres Sanchez

von Andres Sanchez - am 19.11.2008 23:37
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