Looper control and Iphone

Startbeitrag von Serge Lefebvre am 29.08.2013 13:57


I’m having a strange behavior of a website I’ve develop when accessed by an IPhone, I’m using Looper control on several pages and when the IPhone open these pages, only part of the list is displayed. I know the looper control must not be placed in a cell, ajax deactivated and maximum lines per pages should be set to 0.

The problem is I have two installations on two separated server, first one is a 2008 SBS server and second is a 2003 SBS server, with the same installation package and on the 2008 server there is no problem and on the 2003 server the looper control is not displaying the complete list.

Do you have ever seen this behavior before ? Does anyone have a solution ?

Thank you very much for your help.



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