[WB18] HyperFile C/S OLEDB access from .NET ?

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 30.08.2013 14:14


We would like to use the HyperFile C/S in combination with Webdev and a piece of .NET.

This .NET part would have a large portion of the access to the Hyper/File C/S for providing combined data of the HyperFile DB and an ERP system. The .NET part would provide the result via a REST page accessable via httpGetRequest (WebDev).

Later there will be Android clients (tablets and phones) and WindowPhones requesting data via the REST service that would be written in .NET (Middle Tier)

1. What would be the performance of the HyperFile C/S and .NET connection ?
2. Would it be better to write everything in WebDev, providing a REST service as middle tier via a dynamic page only retuning XML data via StringDisplay ?

Final (3-Tier) sollution would be a webapplication (later Tablets and phones) getting its data from a middletier service that is connected to the DB

We are going to use REST instead of Webservices because of more flexible and loose coupling.

Some would like to develop the middle tier in .NET because of existing knowledge, but is that not going to be more work and effort mixing 2 development technologies !! :eek:

Hope you can give use some advice :confused:


Hi Danny

my quick advice would be to keep it simple. While the rest web page is a solution that I use myself and for which I see no problem, mixing .net and webdev is somehting that you should do only if you have a VERY good reason... In any other case, the KISS principle shall apply

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.08.2013 04:09
Hi Fabrice

Could you plz explain what a rest website is (comparing with a Webservice ?)


von Michael Drechsel - am 31.08.2013 07:19
Hi Michael

You will find all the gritty details in wikipedia, by example, but to summarize how to implement one in our environment:
- the communication is going to be done through a URL. This URL will be an AWP page, running inside a webdev server.
- from the client side (if in windev, by example) you will connect using httprequest.

the communication, basically, is going to happen through the parameters of the web page, and your windev side will send information in those parameters. the awp page will read the parameters, find the answer (dataset, YES, NO, go to hell, DONE...) and stack it inside a string, then send the string back using StringDisplay.

The httpGetResult then get that string and the client side can then analyse the answer and do what is needed...

One example of this kind of interface is PayPal Name/Value API (Name is the parameter name, value is it's value)

Technically, that's about it...

Advantage? Uses only standard http port (80) which is basically ALWAYS open. You are in charge of the communication protocol, security (login) and encryption, if and as needed.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.08.2013 12:52
Hi Fabrice,

ok, I understand. But was is the advantage comparing to a webservice ? It´s also using port 80 and the data are well structured.

von Michael Drechsel - am 01.09.2013 13:57
Thanks Fabrice,

It is kind of logical, so do the middle tier in Webdev + HyperFile C/S or do the middle tier in ASP.NET + Entity Framework and use MS-SQL as a database !
And yes me personally also want to keep it as "KISS" as possible ;)

Whatever the DB-tier and Middle tier would be I think (hope) Webdev will be powerful enough (and easier in development) to use in the presentation layer. Because communication is via the REST service, I see no development environment conflict in this (? Do you ?).

It is the start and base of a very large project, its starts with a very simple web portal with not that much data, but it will grow over the years to hold a complete administration package where employees and private persons (restricted) will be working in 24/7 and it will be connecting to a handful of other services, data and devices.
So the base of this project has to be set right !

And in the heat defining the project there is always the discussion of team members or outsiders what to use .NET or WXDev ?, Use MSSQL or HyperFile C/S, both have CONS and PROS.

As read in these forums, HyperFile C/S is stable en robust enough to do the job certainly when we are looking at the price (even with cluster) and the build in replication (Different locations, Internet connections, master is in de cloud, Systems must be up 24/7) and the automatic synchronization of the structures would come in handy too !
I don't like buying the native connection for Windev/Webdev for every client server MSSQL DB, so the only option is OLEDB (when connection from .NET).

MSSQL no replication with Express, no automatic structure updates.
(Did anybody make a comparison between HyperFile C/S and MSSQL), I know this depends on the requirements but general ??

But is WXDev up-to the task ! I would hate to have to re-write the software in a few years ? Client wants a solution, does not matter if it is .NET/WXDev or something else.

I know you guys can't answer or make that decision for me, but you can give me practical tips from your years of experience with WXDev and large projects (3 Tier)!
Some of you must have been standing for the same problem when starting a large project ?? :confused:

Thanks for your time !!

von Danny Lauwers - am 01.09.2013 20:34
Hello Danny

the only thing I can tell you on such a question is this: I have been using the pcsoft products for about 20 years now, and I have never come accross a project that I coudl'nt handle with them.

I remember writing a web site for a customer using webdev 11 and hyperfile (directly, not 3 tiers)... It is used daily (office hours) by several hundreds customers, has been updated since to every new version of webdev, and is still running like a charm.

The question is not in my opinion if webdev is up to the task, because I know for a fact that it is. The question is whether YOU are up to the task :-)

And before I ruffle your feathers too much, let me precise what I mean. WebDev can do lots of thinks, some of them very easily, some of them with more work, as with any tool. YOU will have to make the right choices in what techniques to use inside webdev to make your project work, and that is the hardest part. This is not a webdev problem, and it is not a question about your quality as a developer. It is a question about knowing enough about the tool to make the right choice.

After that, webdev can handle pretty much anything you want to throw at it.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 03.09.2013 14:35
Hi Michael

it's not really a question of advantage or inconvenience... it is different.
In some case, you HAVE to do it that way because you are talking to an existing system (paypal comes as a VERY BIG example).
In other, you will choose this BECAUSE the data is not well structured, meaning that you can throw pretty much anything both ways and the code handles the rest.
Or it may be personal preference...

Now if you look it up, you will see that this technique is ALSO classified as a web service, it just works differently.

I personnaly like to use it and I have my standard classes to do so, including:
- data transfer (DUH)
- encryption/decryption (personalized, nobody knows about it)
- anti-"man in the middle" attacks functionnality
- token and session management...
So with all that written, it is a breeze for me to put that into place. I just need a webdev server...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 03.09.2013 14:40
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