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Startbeitrag von Jan de Bruin am 01.09.2013 09:20


where can i find this in the HFCS ?
I have seen it before but now i can't find it :o

In Client/Server mode, each computer accessing the server has an
IP address, even on a local area network without Internet!
Access to the HyperFileSQL server can be restricted to predetermined addresses or range of addresses.
Other addresses are rejected.
Authorization can also be granted to one or more DNS names

Jan de Bruin


Hi Jan

it is in the HFCS control center, at the level of the Server, in the USERs management. You can do this both for a user or a group, and you access it by going into the user properties (eihter with new or edit button). At the bottom of the screen, you'll find the IP restriction tab

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.09.2013 10:03
Thanks Fabrice !!

von Jan de Bruin - am 01.09.2013 19:45
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