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[WM] Android (not WM) component?

Startbeitrag von RAUL2 am 04.09.2013 12:02

Hi guys, I have this doubt: is it possible to create in WM a component reusable by a native android app?

I know I can create a WM component, reusable in other WM projects, but I really need to write a component in WM reusable by any Android App, not just the ones created in WM. I need some kind of DLL for Android made by WM.




Did you get anywhere with this?



von inavigate - am 13.09.2013 04:39
Hi Colin. Nothing until the moment. I was asking a guy who knows a little of Android development and told my I have to create a Jar package. I actually know nothing of Java, so, my only choice for now, was WM.

I'd like to colaborate with some guys at the job making this component. The guys are really overloaded of work. In my job, I'm the infraestructure responsible; I don't do any development there (and I also have a lot of work but anyway...)

If I find something later I'll post it here. Please, if you know something let me know thru this thread.

Kind regards.

von RAUL2 - am 13.09.2013 12:42
Hi Colin: did you find something about this?

Anyone else willing to suggest something?

Best regards.

von RAUL2 - am 26.12.2013 20:24
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