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[WD18] Configuring the HTTP server everytime I save.

Startbeitrag von AndersH am 05.09.2013 11:36

Hi all!

Having some "troubles" with Webdev 18.

Usually when I save, the project saves and I can continue to work. but lately everytime I save several dialogboxes show.
First off the : Configuring the HTTP Server. - Last's for 2-5 minutes.
Second a command prompt opens where something is happening to Apache. But it goes to quickly for me to see what is happening. - Lasts 3-4 sec.

This didn't use to happen to me, and if it did it would go so quick that I'd never notice. But after a few days of this it's obvious to me that I can't work this way. This also happens when I recompile. But that's natural I presume.

1 other thing, I always have to recompile 2-3 times before the actual website is shown in the browser.
The first 2 times the browser opens a new tab and I can see it's trying to load the site, but nothing ever happens.

Wondering if someone has encountered this before? If so, how to fix? :confused:

Regards Anders L. Henriksen


Double Click

von AndersH - am 05.09.2013 11:40
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