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ajax table - AWP - Sort a column

Startbeitrag von Fabrice Harari am 06.09.2013 17:21

Hi everybody

Just wanted to let you know of a potential pitfall...

This is a result of a back and forth with the support regarding what I consider a bug...

If you use an AJAX table on an AWP page, and the user clicks on the sort icon for ANY column, if you try to later use tableselect to get the current line in SERVER code, you will get an incorrect value (in fact, you will get the line that WAS before the sort)... The reason? AWP mode means no context on the server, so the sort operation done on the browser is not known by the server...

And there seem to be NO solution other than not using the sort or not using the AWP mode...

Just wanted to let you know, so that you don't spend any unnecessary time wondering what's going on here.

Best regards


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