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[WD18] - Copy the window image

Startbeitrag von JP am 08.09.2013 14:35

Hi All,

I am looking to copy the window image. I have found the function dCopyWindowImage() which does work fine. However, this copies the window image including borders and title bar. How can I copy only the inner contents of the window, without borders or title bar, to an image variable?



Re: Copy the window image

Hello JP

There was a much earlier example in V9 that I can't find now but it used dCopyBlt()
It may give you what you need.

IF GScrnCapBorder = True
//Include Borders
//exclude borders

// Save to the JPGP format
dEndDrawing(LImageDest) // Free the size taken in memory


von Al - am 08.09.2013 17:06
Hi Al,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'm using WD18 and it says that the dCopyBlt function is deprecated. When I try to use it, it fails to create the new image - it does not generate an error but also does not copy the source image even if I let the additional parameters be defaulted i.e. just make a coipy of the source image.

WD suggest using dCopy() but that also is not recognized in the editor. I try and use the French variation dCopie() which is recognized in the editor but again it does not copy the source image.

I aslo tried dCopyScreenImage() which works but you get the whole screen, obviously.

I tried dCopyWindowImage() and that works but you get the borders and title and I cant see how to remove them from the final image to save.

von JP - am 08.09.2013 18:13
Hi Al,

Thanks to you I found a solution using dCopyScreenImage() combined with the parameters you used in your example for x,y,width, and height coordinates of the window.

SourceImage is Image
SourceImage = dCopyScreenImage( WinInXPos(), WinInYPos(), WinInWidth() , WinInHeight() )

Thanks Al!

von JP - am 08.09.2013 18:19
Hello JP

It all comes around - you have now helped me solve a problem I would have had when I converted my older projects to V18


von Al - am 08.09.2013 18:40
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