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[WM18] SysSerialNum() equivalent in iOS

Startbeitrag von Neil Porter am 11.09.2013 14:40

I'm porting one of my Android apps to iOS and I use the SysSerialNum() call to get a unique value for each mobile device, before sending that information to a webserver. I do this to identify how many unique users are connecting to my webserver.

It appears that I can't use SysSerialNum() or SysIMIE() or Sysidentifier()

Does anyone know of an equivalent function?


Neil Porter.


Hi Neil

a few days ago i was looking for something similar to you. but in WinDev for IOS i can't found any function.

i think this is because Apple's systems aren't as open as Google's.

i found a post where developers in Objetive-C do this trick.

i leave you the post here:


if you found a solution to your problem hope you share with us.

best regards

von Cesar Flores - am 12.09.2013 13:30

Re: [WM18] SysSerialNum() equivalent in iOS - Solved

Cesar, you pointed me in the correct direction.

I created the following global procedure written in objective C, and it works!!


NSString* IOS_UUID()
// Returns a UUID

CFUUIDRef uuid = CFUUIDCreate(kCFAllocatorDefault);
NSString* uuidstr = (__bridge_transfer NSString*)CFUUIDCreateString(kCFAllocatorDefault, uuid);

return uuidstr;

I hope this helps you too.



von Neil Porter - am 16.09.2013 11:17

Re: [WM18] SysSerialNum() equivalent in iOS - Solved

Hey Neil

How to you call this procedure
Could i see a little code how mto use ??

TIA !!

von Jan de Bruin - am 19.11.2013 08:23
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