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WinDEV examples !!!!

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 17.09.2013 15:45

I was trying to understand how to use and interact with google calendars and WD.
So I thought I would start with the WD Organizer example, that comes with WD17.

This must be one of the WORST examples of programming I have EVER seen.
Something that would be just 20-30 lines of code, is so so so confusing in the example ...

Is it just me or others are seeing the same problem with PC Softs programming/examples?

Steven Sitas


It depends on the example, I've noticed on some examples ment to be in english the code is written in French. But on the other hand I've also come across a few examples which are really easy to use and implement. As I said, it depends on what example your looking for and if your lucky.

Regards Anders H

von AndersH - am 19.09.2013 11:28
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