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[WD17] How to run a app / batch file on a network PC

Startbeitrag von Sascha77 am 17.09.2013 18:57

Hi Guys,

is there a way to kick off an application or a batch file on a network pc within my local network?

I tried to do use
ResConnection = NetworkConnect("E:", "\\SharedDocuments\Files") to map the drive which worked fine, and tried to execute a batch file, but it wouldn´t start on the remote PC...

any sugesstions on this?



Hi Sacha,

This is logic since you are executing it on your machine...
What you need is something like an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) or a WebService call of an executable on the remote machine...

Alternatively you may think of a shared db and a windows system service on the remote machine polling this db to see if there are any requests to process (asynchronous compared to an RPC call).

In short: multiple options with a number of technical architectures...

There are some standard options available for RPC-functions (e.g. Netxxx() like NetStartServer) in WD, but I never used them...
So maybe NetExecute() can help you out for launching a simple script remotely. (This will for sure impact security)... From the help:

ConnectFTP is int
ConnectFTP = NetConnect("", FTPServer, "GUEST", "")
// Starts WinWord on the server
NetExécute(ConnectFTP, "WinWord.exe")


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 17.09.2013 19:22
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