Editable combo box in WINDEV

Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 18.09.2013 05:43


The combo box with TABLE type - showing product code and description.

I have allowed the combox box to have an entry - editable combo box ( user can type/search by product description)

After selection i want this combox box to display the product code instead of the product description, how to do it ?




Hi Peter
I think it is not possible to acomplish 'cause WD has never correct bugs for this type of situation. If you use:

nTempValue is int = combo_box..value
combo_box..BrowsedItem = "Code_ID"
combo_box..DisplayedItem = "Code_ID|Article_Name"
combo_box = nTempValue
YOU WILL GET NOTHING (Empty combo_box..DisplayedValue, after selecting)

Maybe someone know something more, but if you ask me, better situation is to create 2 combo's (one invisible on start) and change visibility and values for combo's .

von ICI - am 18.09.2013 06:14
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