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[WD18] Comboboxes - Graphical bug?

Startbeitrag von Markus K. am 19.09.2013 12:45


in my application occured a strange behaviour of the comboboxes, here are three pictures:

1) All looks fine:

2) I expand the second combobox and then the first one:

3) Now combobox 2 looks weird:

Or another example:

1) All is fine:

2) Opening the combobox:

3) Now the editboxes look strange:

On my development pc this never happens, just on the customer side. My application runs there on a Citrix Server with Windows Server 2005, i use VPN and Remote-Desktop for access.
Can anyone explain me what happens here and how to fix it?



Hi Markus,

I am experiencing the same issue with a WD18 app that is running on terminal services and Windows Server 2008. One thing we have noticed is that if you click the cursor to another field before using the combobox then the issue is not occurring. I have not yet found a solution but will let you know if we are able to come up with something.



von M Beaven - am 19.09.2013 14:16
Seems it is something related to Graphic Cards. Can you test and post the results ?

von Luiz Menezes - am 19.09.2013 19:49
Maybe if you disable the Window and control animations ?

AnimationEnabled (Function)
Enables or disables the animations in the controls.
Note: Only the animations of controls are affected: automatic animations (configured in the project or in the window) or programed animations (with AnimationPrepare, AnimationPlay, ...). The animations of the Image controls and Static controls as well as the animations of windows are not affected.

Windev Help

von Danny Lauwers - am 19.09.2013 22:31

another thing you can try is to go in the graphic card settings and DISABLE the hardware acceleration... This has been a known source of stange problems for a very long time, so it's worth a try

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.09.2013 13:34

i tested AnimationEnabled (false), error is still there.

The "graphic card" is Microsoft Virtual-Bus-Videodevice, could this cause the bug?

von Markus K. - am 20.09.2013 15:45
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