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Windev multiuser app

Startbeitrag von Carlos Urata am 20.09.2013 15:26

Hello All,

Need help.
I am developing a Windev app to a small company (4 to 6 users). No complex database, just using HF Classic.
To do that, what is the best option: install .exe on each networked machine or create a link on each desktop pointing to .exe located on a server path?
HF Classic files will be on windows server environment.



personally I would install the application on the server as well. Much more easier to update.
There is no performance penalty during normal operation (database access). Just starting the app the first time, could be a bit slower.

von Arie - am 20.09.2013 15:35
Hi Carlos

the first thing I would NOT do is use HF Classic with any type of modern windows server. The oplock problem would immediately start to screw up the files. You should switch to HFC/S. It's easy and much more appropriate.

I always have installed my exe locally, andas long as there is an automatic update system in place, that should not create any problem, but the other option shoudl work too

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.09.2013 16:46
I have a little app with some 26 users. I installed it on the server and made a link on each desktop
works like a charm The onley thing that came up was that the settings of a users screen, table with of colums etc are not saved. This was not a problem. If you install on all users computers you will have that feature as well. I think a lot of work for little features, but that is just my opinion.



von Allard - am 20.09.2013 23:45
Thank you all for the practical perspective you guys posted here.
The question still remain to me is about HF Classic or C/S.
Harari warns about loosing info.
Allard, are you using C/S in you 26-users app?
The idea is to have a minimum intervention from the developer, low-maintenance. The company wants to run the app in a non-internet based environment, just PCs networked in a simple way....
All the machines are running win7, one of them is elected to be a file server...

von Carlos Urata - am 21.09.2013 04:23
Hi Carlos
Never mind is it local network or internet access you should use HF/CS without any changes to your analisys. Just change connection to your database. You have example on this forum on "Windev Solutions" or in your Windev help file. Easy maintanance, Backup , better performance even on same computer, safety database, scheduled baclkup,...

von ICI - am 21.09.2013 13:24
Hi Carlos,

I strongly advice not to use HF Classic in multi user environment unless only one user access at a time.

if you really need to do that then make sure that
1. DO NOT use transaction . every times rollback fail , it is pain in a*s to unlock
2. do not use auto numbering

there are still alot which currently I forget .

it is still possible to use HF Classic in multi user environment as long as you design in the way that no multi writing at same time to the same file .

von ccc2 - am 23.09.2013 12:20
Yes, I use hyperfile CS. Works great . No maintenance. It now runs for more than 2 years and had no problems what so ever. Have to say the server and network is top quality. so I have had no problems with hardware.



von Allard - am 24.09.2013 09:40
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