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wd17 hfcs17 - server triggers - do they work?

Startbeitrag von Arie am 23.09.2013 19:56

I already used a few triggers in hfcs14/15 with success.
Now I'm converting this application to wd17 and hfcs17.
And I also added some extra triggers. But adding the triggers only seems to work on some files. On other file, they just don;t work.
In hf-controlcentre the lines showing the triggers are there, but the column indicating the actual file is EMPTY.
Again: for some file, but for other there is no problem.

I also noticed that restarting the the database did help, to inform the database the triggers had changed. If I don;t restart the db after a trigger modification, it looks like the db-engine still uses the OLD ones.

I tried using a new set of stored procedures, thinking the 14-17 upgrade could cause these behaviour. With no luck!
I also tried a brand new database. No luck.

Anyone having an idea? Do triggers actually work?


Here's an example how it looks like.
The first trigger is running fine.
The second one does not.
They are created exactly in the same way, of course with only the tablename different, using the HDescribeTrigger() function.
You see the second line has a .\ before the file. Why is that?!?!

I also tried creating the trigger using the hf control centre. Same result.

von Arie - am 23.09.2013 20:12
Hi Arie

.\ meens Current Directory. I Dont know if it has anything to do with your problem.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 24.09.2013 07:01
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