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Webdev width of Mobile Site

Startbeitrag von A.H.J. Mess am 25.09.2013 12:03


I am trying to make a mobile website in Webdev 16 with a width of 300. But on mobile devices i see the website very very tiny. Howto show a full mobile website on a mobile?

Regards, Aad


Have you tried making it bigger say 400 in webdev?

Ive had problems with 16 to0 . version 18 no problems



von Allard - am 26.09.2013 10:19
Hi Allard,

I can't because the website is inside the mobile website using a iframe. But you can see the website (without the iframing) here:


When you open it on your mobile it is very very tiny. I made a cell with a width of 300 and the webpage type a generic mobile webpage. Any ideas?

Regards, Aad

von A.H.J. Mess - am 26.09.2013 12:48
Hi, I don't know WM a lot but would there be an option to a) find out the geometry of the user's screen and b) to use WinSize(..) to make the window fit the screen?

von GuenterP - am 26.09.2013 14:26
Hi Aad,

Hmm it looks like it is a normal website, Odd? How do you call the site?

If I look at it with normal browser I get a small screen as well. take a look at this site with the browser ans you will see what I mean.


von Allard - am 26.09.2013 15:17
Hi allard, on my android i see your mobile site correct. I went to version 18 because of zoning but that doesn't do the trick. I set the browsertype to Generic Mobile and size of the screen "not defined" Is there another property in the project?

Regards, Aad

von A.H.J. Mess - am 30.09.2013 09:55
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