[WD18] - Window Default Style

Startbeitrag von JP am 26.09.2013 10:47

Hi All,

Using WD18 on Windows 8:

When I create a new window the default style is like Windows Vista, the min, max, close button and the rounded window corners. How can I default this to the version of Windows I am running e.g. Windows 8 ?

Indeed, how can this be set so that the window style defaults to the default of whatever version of Windows the user is running?

NB: These are MDI windows, not free windows. If I use non-MDI windows then they appear using Windows default. So the question becomes - how to use the Windows default window style when using MDI windows ?



Never tried it but I think not setting any style for the windows in your project will automatically show your apps windows as per default OS theme.

von Yogi Yang - am 30.09.2013 11:48
Hi YY,

I have found in the help that MDI interface windows cannot have their titles, min/max/close buttons turned off. They are always on. The only way to remove these elements of the window is to change the window to Free windows, but then the window can float anywhere outside your main application window and the whole self-contained interface falls away.

von JP - am 30.09.2013 12:50
Then you should Win API to disable the features that you do not want in you MDI child Windows.

Hope these links will help you:



von Yogi Yang - am 30.09.2013 14:52
Thanks Yogi, I'll look in to them.

von JP - am 01.10.2013 06:58
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