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[WM18] Test for WiFi connection

Startbeitrag von Ericus am 29.09.2013 10:44


Is there a way to test whether the Android device is connected to a WiFi network?

Thanks in advance.

Ericus Steyn


Hi Ericus

Take a look at InternetConnected to see both wifi and 3g.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 29.09.2013 15:52
Thanks Viggo

I saw the InternetConnected but it actually only tells you whether you are connected to the internet.

What if I have a printer on a wifi network and I don't use any internet connection. How can I find out whether the wifi is on and the user connected. At the moment I do a test for the printer but it takes long to find the printer at the given IP address.

If I could determine at logon that the user is not connected to the wifi I don't have to test for the printer.



von Ericus - am 29.09.2013 16:17
Hi Ericus

Ok, then I think you should take a look at WiFiConnectionInfo. You can request many informations but for you the result string should do it:
•Empty string ("") if the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi access point.

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 29.09.2013 16:31
you could go the java route like this

von Arie - am 29.09.2013 21:06
Thanks Viggo/Arie

I did not see the WifiConnectionInfo function. Had a v17 help file open instead of the WM18.



von Ericus - am 30.09.2013 17:50
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