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How to adjust the line height in WD reports?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 02.10.2013 12:53

Hi all!

All the reports made with WD's report generator waste a lot of valuable "real estate", and therefore also real trees in the forests. So far I haven't been able to adjust the line height (or "leading", if using a page layout term) in the report generator to prevent the waste of space. Can it be done?

I could easily and without loosing readability cut off approximately 1/3 to nearly 1/2 of the pages from many of my bigger reports simply by decreasing the unnecessarily high default line height.

best regards



I have found that the report writer allows full control over the defined page.

What I have also found is that default positioning with the mouse is influenced by some settings that may correct your problems.

In the Home\Options\Options of the Report Editor\Magnetism (new Ribbon Bar) you can enable/disable the Grid & Visibility as well as the Size, Also you can turn On/Off Automatic positioning. (I have my Grid Off, Visibility Off, Size to Small)

I have found that I have to manually size/position my report controls when they are small (i.e.

von Eric Wiegert - am 03.10.2013 12:37
Thanks Eric,

I have the same settings as you in Tools\Options\Options of the Report Editor\Magnetism. But thanks to your message I just realized that I can adjust the line height simply by dragging the lower edge of it with shift+mouse:). But this adjustment possibility is limited to a certain point. After a certain limit has been reached, the decreasing only affects the bottom margin of the line, the top margin still remains too high. Is there a solution to this, to adjust the top margin of a line?

best regards

von Ola - am 03.10.2013 19:27
Hi Ola.

Myabe if you delete all de elements of the body block (I think is that block where you are having waste space) You will find that that you can reduce the height of the block all you want. Then try to investigate which of the elements that you deleted is causing the extra space.

I have some reports that each iteration of the body block is printed just below the previous block ( well i with a little margin with the size of the point of the letter "i", to make the next line readable)

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 03.10.2013 23:22
Hi José

I realize that I can adjust the line height with both the block height and the cell height.

Deleting all the data cells from the body block is not an option, as there are a lot of them and many of them are calculated.

So I took an old simpler report and playd some more with it.

But I still can't control the top margin, the free space above the text. Both the top and the bottom margins can be decreased up to a point, but after that only the bottom margin is affected, and at certain point, if I still try to decrease the line height, the text disappears altogether.

I have tried also changing the vertical justification of the cells, from center to top, but that doesn't help either.

But this is not a problem worth wasting too much time for. I'll just take the little adjustment that WD can give, and move on. At least I keep the loggers fully employed:xcool:.

von Ola - am 04.10.2013 14:22
Here's a partial screen capture of a report preview illustrating the point. For instance in this multithousand items inventory listing I would like to cut off approximately one fourth of the line height, from the upper margin -- it would save a lot of pages:

[attachment 668 TooLargeTopMarginInWdReports.jpg]

Here the bottom margin has already been reduced to an absolute minimum, actually it is negative: note how the word Harley has become Harlev.

best regards

von Ola - am 04.10.2013 15:02

Your screen capture made me realize that I didn't quite understand your original question.

The margin you point out is actually a defined font metric that windev is either respecting to strictly or there is indeed a limitation.

After seeing this the only potential solution I came up with was:

1) Printing the text/graphics directly with iPrint & using the iYPos property. This may seem daunting but if it's limited to the repeating section it may not be that difficult to finish.

2) The other potential option wouth be to alter the font metrics directly by editing the font file in FontForge (alter the Ascent & Descent values) till you got what you liked. You would then potentially be forced to embed this font in your application to ensure that other computers printed correctly.

von Eric Wiegert - am 04.10.2013 18:42

I did a fast test. I draged to the body block one item ("name" or "VAT" for example) and then I made the block as short as possible (while pressing the shift key) the result is that the letters of one row are printed just below the previous row (Do not overlap, but some letters are touchingthe ones of adjacent rows)

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 04.10.2013 22:09
Hi guys

And thank you for helping me dig this inside out.

I finally found the solution. You can actually adjust the body line top margin but the setting is not in the Body Block, it is in the Report Description -> Format tab -> Indent (in mm) field, which in my case (my selected style) is 1,000 mm by default. When I zero this field, the top margin decreases in synch with the line height, again up to a point only, but this time sufficiently for my needs. There is still a small margin that cannot be removed. It seems to have an effect only/mainly in the body block.

It may be, that this setting has different defaults in different styles, and therefore some run into this problem and some don't.

Best regards

von Ola - am 05.10.2013 10:31
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