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PC Soft presents WD19

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 04.10.2013 08:02

Here are the ladies


Link, please !!

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 04.10.2013 08:38
The "here" IS the link

von Marius - am 04.10.2013 08:44

click at "here" in my original post.

von Michael Drechsel - am 04.10.2013 08:45
The girls don't look any better than in the previous brochures. Some of them even look buggier! So is it really worth looking forward to?

best regards

von Ola - am 04.10.2013 08:57

'click at "here" in my original post.'

Sorry, could not see that Here was blue :-)

Best regards
Viggo Poulsen

von Viggo Poulsen - am 04.10.2013 11:33
Hi Guenter,

Any special discount from your side for real early birds (French version)?


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 04.10.2013 11:54
Hi Peter,

sorry, not more %%%s than the 5% usual discount!

von GuenterP - am 04.10.2013 13:04
Some ones French so good that he can give us a short highlight review ?

von Michael Drechsel - am 04.10.2013 13:09
I can do a rough translation:

Here's 919 new features. Some of these will make the stuff that didn't quite work in V18 actually work as they should, and will SHOW you lots of new features that MIGHT actually be available when you buy V19..... but might not be. And of those that actually are accessible, about 60% will work right. Oh, and we've got new girls in, some with bigger breasts than before !!

von Alan Evans - am 04.10.2013 13:54
Hi Michael,

some interesting things are (this isn't all):
- Create new controls dynamically (CreeeChamp())
- Better quality PDF's and better quality PDF as backgroundimage for reports
- a new Gantt diagram control
- a new Dashboard control
- change the edit/combo zone of an edit control and combobox in code
- 12 evolutions in the ROLAB cube
- some new graphs
- ancherage in reports
- printing reports bigger than one page on multiple pages
- planes in reports
- executing reports use less memory now
- linking controls to multiple planes
- linking controls to multiple tabs of a tabcontrol
- Multiple returnvalues for procedures (and windows, I suppose ?)
- etc.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 04.10.2013 13:58
It seems that the real killer feature of ver 19 is that it will be delivered in bigger, stronger cardboard boxes. These are shown in many of the pictures, as lieing and sitting platforms under the girls (some with thinner, bonier legs than before):rp:

best regards

von Ola - am 04.10.2013 14:29
That is a good observation Ola, I especially like the picture with the girl in the safety helmet clutching the WinDev box tightly to her. Always very important to have the box with you in moments of important decisions !

von Alan Evans - am 04.10.2013 14:35
Oh you are Bad Boys

von Michael Drechsel - am 04.10.2013 14:41
Lol, good observers !!! It seems PCSoft is releasing ten times faster this time :)


von James Smiths - am 04.10.2013 23:16
Impresions in PDF in Android, that is exactly want I wanted !!! feature 633

Graphics in Android, another, usefull solution, feature 648

Support for the SVG Vectorial format, feature 657


von James Smiths - am 04.10.2013 23:51
All kidding aside (:rp:), the new stronger cardboard boxes are really coming to fill a serious demand. I usually buy the upgrade at the pre-release price and then I just throw the box to a corner in the warehouse, where it can wait until the new version gets developed to a useable level. During this year or so the box will be occasionally kicked around the room, and the old weaker boxes really got into rather bad shape, before they were finally opened. You should see my WD17 box...

Best regards

von Ola - am 05.10.2013 10:43
While the current version is still quite uncertain PC SOFT promotes new 19th version, which will, in its version of the 37T or whatever, have a children's diseases, not prevent it going the same way. A bit weird and unprofessional.
Some new additions are certainly good, but to get them unstable tool is not just business move.

von ICI - am 06.10.2013 17:43
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