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WebDev - What are 'Prelaunched sessions' ?

Startbeitrag von Glenn Rathke am 27.11.2008 03:33


In the WebDev administrator I noticed there is a checkbox for prelaunched sessions. What exactly is that.?



Hi Glenn,

Prelauched session = cached session, so from the Help the explanation is:

Whenever a Web user connects to a site, a session is started on the server. Starting the session may take a few seconds.
If a number of cached sessions is defined, when a Web user connects to a site:
- one of the cached sessions is automatically used: the connection to the site is therefore faster.
- a new session is automatically cached.


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von pat.pcs.crosspost - am 27.11.2008 15:28
Hi Glenn...

Those are small executable (like windev exe) in charge or maintaining the session and probably also executing the server code of each session... In previous versions, this number was static (5), now you can choose...

So prelaunched sessions are in fact exes waiting for the next browser connections... This allow the answer to be faster, as creating an exe in memory takes time....

If you look at a server memory with a process spy, it's very nice to see all those little exe coming up and shutting down...

that's all

Best regards

Fabrice Harari
WinDev, WebDev, WinDev Mobile consulting

von Fabrice Harari - am 27.11.2008 18:58
Thanks to both of you !


von Glenn Rathke - am 28.11.2008 03:22
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