WB18 MenuAddOption with parameter

Startbeitrag von Herro am 13.10.2013 08:35


I try to use MenuAddOption to call a procedure like this:
MenuAddOption(OPT_NoName1,"Submenu1","Submenu1",CallProcPage,"page_Productlist" )

Global procedure looks like this:

PROCEDURE CallProcPage (pPagenameToCall)

But nothing happens. There are no errors found in the project en page_Productlist exist.
So my question: What am I doing wrong? (I'm a newbe).


Herro Wijnholds


Nobody uses this option?

Best Regards
Herro Wijnholds

von Herro - am 19.10.2013 18:06
Hi Herro,

I use similar code and it works fine.
The only difference I see is that in your case the caption and the option name are the same (I use OPT_ as a prefix for the option)
Though that should not be a problem, you might try to add a prefix.


von Piet van Zanten - am 20.10.2013 10:51
Hi Piet,

Thanks for your reply.

I already tried a different names (option/description) but the problem is still there.
My site is a Dynamic PHP site. (not en Dynamic WebDev).

I also regenerated the project.

As a workaround I created several global procedures. (for each menu option a different procedure).


von Herro - am 20.10.2013 12:01
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