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Have *.exe file update itself

Startbeitrag von joe crevino am 13.10.2013 16:53

I want to have a *.exe created in windev 18 update itself. I realize I have to close the file before copying over it but is there a way of doing it without using the windev setup program with the commands available in the windev language ?

I know this sounds a bit strange but any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Joe Crevino


Hi Joe,

You can make a small windev program that does the updating.
Then use code like this to run it:
IF ExeRun("VZ_Update16.exe "+sProgName+" "+sCurrentVersion,exeInactive) THEN 
Error("Updatemanager 'VZ_update16.exe' could not be started.")

Regards, Piet

von Piet van Zanten - am 14.10.2013 08:40
Hello Joe,

For 10 years I use the following method:
When the original program starts it looks for a specific file on a webpage.
It reads the content from the file. This is the current release number.
When it is higher then the current version it closes itself and start a second program (also made in WD) which gets the new version and installs it. This way it can overwrite the original program.
Just my two cents.

von Frans - am 14.10.2013 09:56
Thank you....


von joe crevino - am 17.10.2013 00:18
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