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Orphaned HFCS connections

Startbeitrag von Reg Jackson am 18.10.2013 08:18

Hi, I'm using HFCS V17. I'm finding that, over time, connections to one of my servers are being left in place, even when the users concerned have logged out of my application. I can't find any way to delete these connections except by stopping and restarting the server.

Does anyone know how to delete such orphaned connections via code, or alternatively why they might happen in the first place?



Hi Reg,

why not put an HCloseConnection(...) command into the Project Code / Closing Session of YourProjectName. Whenever the project is closed / aborted, the Connection will be closed. Will not work if the connection to the client is broken physically or the Windows of the client GPFs, but that's to be monitored.

von GuenterP - am 18.10.2013 08:36
Hi Gunther,

Thanks for that, I will give it a go. I'm using Independent Contexts in the app's editing windows, I presume a single HCloseConnection statement will close all of them?

It's a strange one, because I've even gone as far as using the Windows Task Manager to terminate the app to try and simulate this, and I can't for the life of me reproduce it, although with my users it happens every day virtually.

From what you say I guess ultimately I will still have to stop and restart the server occasionally to clear out the debris?


von Reg Jackson - am 18.10.2013 09:20
Hi Reg,

imho, in HFCS 'Closing a File' and 'closing the Connection' are not necessarily the same thing. You may have an open connection, but no file open.

von GuenterP - am 18.10.2013 09:28
Hi again Guenter, apologies for getting your name wrong before!

Thanks for the help, I will explore your suggestions.


von Reg Jackson - am 18.10.2013 09:35
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