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WD18 64-bit .NET assembly generation

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 18.10.2013 23:08


I am trying to generate a 64-bit .NET Assembly in WD 18 and use it in C#. Whenerver I try to instantiate the class, I get an error like the following:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.TypeInitializationException' occurred in PvsWD_Test.exe

Additional information: The type initializer for 'WL.clHFAccess' threw an exception.

I have a .NET assembly for x86 that works fine. If I put that in the 64-bit project and generate the assembly. That class gets the same error.

Any suggestions? Note! I am a novice c# programmer so it may be something I am doing or not doing in Visual Studio.



I have the same problem. Have you fond the solution to this issue?

von Juan Carlos Velez - am 06.12.2013 02:18
No, in fact I just got a response back from PC Soft that they do not have my problem on record. When I submitted the project and showed that the .NET assembly class could not be instantiated, etc.There response was "This is not a WinDev error.". So I had to implement everything in C# using OLEDB instead of a using WinDev .NET assembly in 64bit. It does work in 32bit! Of course, PC Soft OLEDB access to HyperfileSQL is limited. It does not support binary memo fields on write.

I plan to resubmit my test project. It would be great if you also submitted a test project. It seems that multiple developers reporting the same problem is the only way they listen. Particularly when it involves external languages!

Please keep in touch so we can work together.

von Jeff Graham - am 07.12.2013 16:39
Below is the new test projects I just submitted to PC Soft. If anyone would like to verify that the 64bit problem is "real" or if they can show me what I am doing wrong, I would be very grateful!


************* Your request *************
Request Summary (10 words maximum):
64bit, framework 4, .NET generated assemblies do not work in C#

Project Type:.NET assembly\executable

Details of the request:
As previously reported, 64bit .NET assemblies generated for for framework 4 get errors when used in C# but they work if generated for 32bit.

Also, when the 64bit .NET assembly is generated, it does not put the required supporting dlls for the wd180net4_64.dll in the exe folder like the 32bit generation does.

Reproduction protocol:
There are two folders in the following zip file:

DotNET_WD18_32 folder conatins a .NET assembly project for 32bit (Test.NET_32bit) and a C# project that uses that generated assembly successfully.

DotNET_WD18_64 folder contains a .NET assembly project for 64bit (Test.NET_64bit) and a C# project that uses that generated assembly and gets errors. See attached screen shot.

1 attachment(s):


von Jeff Graham - am 07.12.2013 22:16
PC Soft support has responded that they tested both of my 32bit and 64bit projects and did not get errors. However, I still can't instantiate a 64bit generated .NET assembly.

Juan Carlos Velez, did you resolve your problem with 64 bit .NET assemblies?

Is anyone creating 64bit .NET assemblies?

Does anyone have a suggestion?

von Jeff Graham - am 13.12.2013 17:40
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