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Webservices problem with WB Server

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 21.10.2013 09:40

I have a strange problem which I discovered trying to get WM (Android project) to talk to WB services.

Basically the WM app wouldn't receive any meaningful data back from WB Webservices when running in the android emulator, or on an actual device (by which I mean even if I sent just a single integer it would show as 0 not the actual value), but would receive it fine in the WB debugger.

Eventually I installed the WB webservices on the PCSoft test server and it all works fine! So it appears I have a problem with my installation of the WB server - but it works fine if a WD program uses the webservices!

I'm using Apache 2.2.25 on 32 bit Windows XP, with WB 63c.

I am totally stumped any would appreciate any insights or suggestions. Otherwise I'll reinstall everything on the Webserver PC starting with windows.

edit - I just put a fresh install of Apache and Webserver on a Window 7 machine and it is doing exactly the same thing. Still stumped!


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