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ANSI/Unicode confusion for Webservices and Android

Startbeitrag von Paul Turner am 21.10.2013 16:52

I have created some webservices which work fine when deployed on PCSofts test server, and called using an actual Android device or emulator.

However when run on my own IIS5/XP webserver, or my Apache 2.2.25/Win7 webserver, they do not return correct values. All numbers are returned as 0, and strings are empty. Structures get deserialisation errors. This appears to be caused by ANSI/Unicode incompatibilities. However configuring the Project Configuration settings to ANSI/Unicode appears not to change anything.

If anyone has successfully got something similar working I'd be grateful for any advice.


To follow on, I found the 'Describing the current configuration' button under project settings for both WM and WB, and have found that the WB setting has to be 'Unicode' to work (otherwise my test Webservices on the PCSoft stop working)

I thought the problem may be no Unicode support in XP, but them problem still exists on a Win7 box.

Does anyone know if there are some special configuration requirements for apache to have it support Unicode? Is there a special character set that needs to be installed? Are there special requirements for Windows itself? This is a new area for me, so sorry if these questions are self-evident to some of you!

von Paul Turner - am 22.10.2013 09:13
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