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WB18 browser back button

Startbeitrag von iso am 25.10.2013 13:24


I have created a website in WB18 which requires uses to login and then view certain pages and information which is all fine apart from when they logout:

it takes them back to a clear login screen - which is fine, however, when they use the browser back button it displays the previous pages which is the problem.





you should test in the init code (server) of each page to see if the user is logged in/authorized to be there... (in fact this should be part of your page template)

By doing so, when the users click on the back button, the init code of the page is fired, realizes that the user is NOT allowed here, and do a pagedisplay of the login page instead

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.10.2013 13:36
Hello Fabrice,

Yes i have done that, if you actually try to navigate to a page via a link it says you need to log back in and takes you to the login page. Its just the back button seems to disregard the code in the page initialization?



von iso - am 25.10.2013 13:42
search the help for Managing the "Back" key of the browser it may help you

von Paulo Oliveira - am 25.10.2013 17:54
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