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[WD18 Android] print through serial port

Startbeitrag von CCC2 am 29.10.2013 12:30


Today I manage to print to epson TM-T88iii through serial port using serial server

first I must warn that this is a very expensive tcp to serial convertor . but it work

few setting must be done to serial server
1. Enable VirtualCOM for Serial/IP must uncheck
2. Empty Serial Buffer When TCP Connection is Established must set to YES
3. Data Packet Delimiter Inter-character Time Gap : 2 (default)

on windev mobile make sure
socketchangetransmissionmode("PRT01", socketNoEndTag)

next ,do not join the string to print and esc/pos command . seperate it. for example
socketwrite("PRT01", "TESTING 123")
socketwrite("PRT01", charact(27) + "d"+ charact(1)

// to cut paper
socketwrite("PRT01", charact(27) + "d"+ charact(5)
socketwrite("PRT01", charact(27) + "m"

the serial server handle buffer pretty well . I can print 200 lines with 42 character each lines without any problem

:D king of the lab :D



Any chance of you replying to the questions on your previous post?

[WM18 Android] print to printserver



von Ericus - am 29.10.2013 19:13
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