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WD18 DB2 z/OS connection problem

Startbeitrag von kimor am 30.10.2013 07:29


At work we use DB2 on z/OS mainframe.
We use QMF/DbVisualizer amongst other in house tools.

Now I'm trying to connect with WD and just getting nowhere (havn't got native access, just OLEDB).

If I create an connection I get connected to the database but when trying to read the table it fails.
The main reason should be that I don't know where to put the schema. Should be QDSN + QQ (se below).
The database is QDSN which connects fine with the built in connection in WD (Analysis/Connections).
We have several different IMS environments:
QDSN.QQ (QQ = schema, owner) IMSQ (IMS)
RDSN.QR (QR = schema, owner) IMLR (IMS)

When I try to read the database, WD connects with username.TABLE, instead of QQ.TABLE which means that WD thinks it's my table and therefor fails. Maybe I need to put in an connection in the code, as well?
I made a copy of the table to my environment and that worked fine...

I know the information is not much, but if you've set up this kind of connections you might know what I want.



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