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[WD17] Edit Field with Links

Startbeitrag von Michael Drechsel am 30.10.2013 16:00


I need an Edit Field where the user can drag&drop some links like this

I am a sample Link

from another source (for example Oulook).

Later he should click the link and the page should open outside the WD Program.

Both multiline and rtf edit fields doesn´t work.

Any hints ?


Hi Michael,
config the section Doppel-Klick with: ShellExecute(NoSpace(SLE_CONTROL..Value))

Regards, Lewi

von lewi - am 30.10.2013 16:22
Hi Lewi,

thats clear. But you can´t paste a word with an underlaying link in any editbox.

You loose the link.

von Michael Drechsel - am 30.10.2013 16:27
You must use a edit control with html-format! With plain text, you lost the href-information.

von Lewi - am 30.10.2013 17:44

I tried this, but I doesn´t work. Ok, I check it out tomorrow again.


von Michael Drechsel - am 30.10.2013 17:53
For ShellExecute, you must separate the href-information.

von Lewi - am 30.10.2013 18:40
Hello Michael

There is a "Display and enable Links" option in the Multiline text section of the edit control editor.
If you tick that then the link to a url will display as a hyperlink and work automatically.
Your sample did not woprk when I pasted it in but if you manually type in a linke as www.abc.com it does so you may need to experiment a little to find what does work


von Al - am 30.10.2013 20:38
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