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Hyperfile client server and locking of .REP File

Startbeitrag von Michel F. am 01.11.2013 10:08


I use an application named Winlassie which was developped with Windev 18.

The application use Hyperfile client server and I have a "lock" problem : if more then one user starts a request in the application all the users "freeze" for more then 5 minutes.

The server is Windows 2008 and the two clients are Windows 7 64 bits ( the problem doesn't appear on Windows XP 32 bits ).

A the moment of the freeze a file named xxxxx.REP is READ/WRITE for the TWO Users on the server. A the moment when the "freeze" in the application disappears, one of the two xxxxx.REP disappears also in the liste of OPEN files.

Are the two phenomens in relation ?



Hi Michel

lots of strange things in your description... There shouldn't be two .rep open, IMHO as HFCS is supposed to be the ONLY ONE opening the DB (exclusive access, to optimize speed)

So, are you sure your application is not trying to access the files directly, not going through HFCS?
Also are you sure you did not install two HF servers on the same machine, on the same DB?

Those are the only two things I can think of that could potentially (I haven't tested any of them) create this kind of symptoms

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.11.2013 11:45
Hi Fabrice,

I was also surprised to find the same REP file open twice.

I'm not a Windev developer, so your opinion as a consultng Windev is important for me.

The application is supposed running in classic hyperfile and client server hyperfile.

Perhaps it's really a design problem in the application.

I will submit the problem in these words to the developers.

Thanks a lot

von Michel F. - am 02.11.2013 13:31
Hi Michel

a HF DB cannot run at the same time in HFCS and classic...

If it is managed by a HFCS server then no other application can (and should) access it via HF Classic...

If that is what your application is trying to do, then look no further for the source of the problem...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 03.11.2013 21:55
Hi, imho it's a design problem. In my programs, I generally do turn OFF the management of the .rep file because there are so many funny situations generated by the .rep file. Real life on end-user machines is much harder than life on a developer's machine ever could be. In principle, the .rep file concept is a good idea but badly executed. Especially after introduction of HF C/S.

To recover from the situation, I recommend to simply rename all of the .REP files to .OLDREP you can find on all of your computer/s. Of course, these .REP files will be generated again whenever starting the application. Then: decide once and for all whether you're going to use HF C/S or Hyperfile Classic. Never ever switch between the two and if, you have to rename / delete all of these .REP files once again.

Contact your software supplier and ask him to either do away with all of the .REP file handling OR make it ON/OFF-switchable by using an INI-file. Perhaps there is something like that already there, have a look in the documentation or ask your supplier.

von GuenterP - am 04.11.2013 06:20
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