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wd17 TableExportToExcel to Excel-instance instead of file

Startbeitrag von Arie am 01.11.2013 11:20

is it possible to get an Excel instance when doing a Excel-export on a tablecontrol?
Atm WD ask for a filename, but most of the time my users (in this case) just want to have a quick look in Excel-format. Without creating all sorts of temporay excel files.


Hi Arie

as you do not need to have excel installed on a computer to export from a table to excel, the answer is no... Windev is just creating an excel file by itself.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 01.11.2013 11:41
Hi Arie,

I copy the file into a tmp directory and open it via shellexecute. So the user can see the Excel sheet without any actions. The filename is guid+.xls
You can delete it with your program close section.

von Michael Drechsel - am 02.11.2013 09:54
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