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WD17 - open new Outlook mail message

Startbeitrag von Arie am 03.11.2013 15:57


I'm looking for a way to open the Outlook new-mail-window, with some values pre-entered by my application.
Like recepient, subject and so on. But also including attachements.

I noticed the Windev-preview window handles the pdf-to-mail button, by creating MSG files.
(have a look at the appdata\local\temp folder...)

Anyone did this before? Could you point me in the right direction, to save me from reinventing the WD-wheel on this one.
On Google I see several examples using .NET. Would that be the way to go?


Hello Arie

The Windev email example does some of this and all I do is fill in the email structure variable.

There was/is an issue when using the Outlook session process that can leaves the current folder as a default Microsoft ..1033 work folder that is really deeply buried in the users LocalSettings\....folder. This can happen if the process stops or exits with an error so I always save my current folder and then check to see if I need to set myself back to it as the current folder when I have finished emailing.


von Al - am 03.11.2013 21:33
The WD Controllling Outlook example seems to have most of the stuff I need.
I can now open a new, prefilled, Outlook mail window.
I can also save the mail as a MSG file.
The idea now is to save email-messages as a msg-file, store them in the DB (memofield) and present them to the user, with some additional info. This way I can link email to employees or CRM.

In this particular case it is about a bookingsystem, where customers can confirm there reservation by email. My app is reading those replies from a specific mailbox, extracts all mails and checks for a bookingnumber. Finally storing and linking the email to a reservation. Users simply reply from within our bookingsystem.

For those interested, here are some snippets.

// "OutLook.Application" object
m_pautOutLook is object OLE dynamic
// Initialize the dialog with Outlook
IF :m_pautOutLook=Null THEN :m_pautOutLook=new object OLE "OutLook.Application"
IF :m_pautOutLook=Null THEN
Error("Failure accessing Outlook")

// Creates an item in Outlook
:m_pautItem = :m_pautOutLook>>CreateItem(:m_nItemType)
// Subject
:m_pautItem>>Subject = :m_sSubject
// Content
:m_pautItem>>Body = :m_sContent
// Recipients
:m_pautItem>>To = :m_sDest
:m_pautItem>>cc = :m_sCCRECIP
:m_pautItem>>bcc = :m_sCCRECIP
// Attachment

// Display

// Send

// Save as MSG
// http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/aa219371(v=office.11).aspx -> olMSG=3
:m_pautItem>>SaveAs("C:\temp.msg", 3)

von Arie - am 04.11.2013 08:12
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