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webpage load in windev17 button click event

Startbeitrag von ekta am 08.11.2013 09:27

i am create 1 website but that website use to develop windev desktop application....

windev17 in create 1 form and puse 1 button to click this button and open website...

but not idea to how to write click event code...


Right click on the button and choose "Code"
Select the button and press F2

Now you see the place where to enter code
FInally put this line in the click-event

It could be your english, but at first it looks like you working with WD for the first time.
I would strongly advice to work through the tutorial first. There you will learn all these things, which are quite basic so to speak.

von Arie - am 08.11.2013 10:05
thank you all of you

von ekta - am 09.11.2013 03:21
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