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wd17 - smooth scrolling a looper programmatically

Startbeitrag von Arie am 08.11.2013 14:17

I have created a messageboard for one of my customers. It shows all kind of messages for employees, presented on a large screen in the production hall. I'm using a looper to present images and text in a vertical way.

Welcome and have a nice day
Today: birthday of mister X
Welcome new employee miss ABC (with picture)

Now I want to scroll the messages (whenever there are too much too fit at once) vertically.
I tried Looperposition, it works but now very smooth.
I tried sending WM_VSCROLL to the looper, but it doesn't seem to work?

I tried EmulateMouse (mousedown on one point and mouseup on another), to emulate the scroll-by-finger-option every few 10th of a second. Works also and looks much much better! But handling the physical mouse is a crime now.

I wonder if someone did this before or have some other great idea.


Hi Arie

I have not worked on that yet, however, if your only remaining problem is "But handling the physical mouse is a crime now." then, just add in your code currently using emulatemouse a test on the position of the mouse. You KNOW what the position should be (you are the one setting it)... So if it is different, somebody IS using the mouse, so do not do your EmulateMouse and instead store the mouse position for the next time/test... Once the mouse has stopped moving, you can restart your work...

You can also emulate the mouse to move your looper, then reset the mouse to its original position to let the user do what it is doing

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 08.11.2013 15:24
The application is used as a advertising screen. Users barely need to work on it, only every now and then to change some options.
For those situations I now disable the scrolling for 5 seconds whenever a mouse-move it detected (WM_MOUSEMOVE on the window).
Then the user can do whatever he wants (which is only every now and then to change some options or close the system).
And after 5 seconds of "silence" the scrolling continues.
I even hide/show the mousecursor and the windowtitle. Works like a charm.

von Arie - am 09.11.2013 15:52
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