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Document management in Windev applications

Startbeitrag von Geert Debruyne_ am 09.11.2013 10:39

Our solution for Windev-developers who want a document management in their software is now available in a component; Dutch; English, German, French.
The component lets you integrate our solution into your software as if it were a part of your software (we do provide internal windows etc).
More information on www.fitdoc.be (site in dutch, English ad French)

For developers the component is free; you only pay (in fact: your customers pay) a license if you deploy the solution.

Any questions => just contact me


Hi Geert

That sounds great... So I went to your web site and read the English version. I was NOT able to find ANY of the information I was looking for:
- Pricing (be it for the solution itself OR the component)
- Technical information for the component (How to integrate it, list of functions, etc, etc)
Maybe it's just me but all this information seems to be MIA

So I'm not sure why you are directing us to it. Personally, I have a tendency to think that a website selling a product without giving the price means that the price will be as high as the sales man will be able to make it at sales time, and that is something that makes me run away as fast as possible...

But then again, that may be only me :-)

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.11.2013 14:27
Hi Geert,

Nice clean site, but further to Fabrice's comments, I'd like to see (at least) an option that takes me to a page to "Buy"? Skimming though your site, I was having trouble to see if it was even for sale :-/

Oh, and when using IE10 on Win8, the map on your Contact page obliterates most of your contact details.


The tech documentation is on Support > For Developers and scroll to the bottom and click Download.

von DarrenF - am 10.11.2013 16:04
Hello Fabrice, Darren,

Technical info about integrating the solution into Windev-applicatiosn AND developments, is on the site (PDF with all details are available).

Indeed pricing is not on the site for the moment... that's just me: we want to know who we gave pricing information. But if you tend to run away from the product because there is no pricing info: we sure will think about mentioning everything on the site...

For your information:
- using the component as a developer is FREE of charge: you receive a NFR copy for your own use and testing without any charges (but only 1 site and subject to a reseller-contract).
- payment is only necessary when deploy is done at customer sites
As for pricing:
Pricing is based on CONCURRENT users:
Up to 2 users: € 250/year
Up to 5 users: € 550/year
Up to 10 users: € 950/year
From 11th user on: € 50/user/year
More than 100 users: contact us
Extra consulting / courses / …. Are subject to a special quote
- Option:
We only have one version of FITdoc, this means every user uses the same version, there are only some options available:
Our OCR-tool: € 99/year fixed, independent of the number of users + € 0,09 /page that is OCR-ed
Barcode-recognition & splitting pages: € 199/year, independent of the number of users (OCR is not required for this option)
Integration with existing platforms: if you have specific needs, we sure can provide a solution, this will be subject of a specific Quote

Of course, if you develop software and want to deploy our solution we will provide you with reseller discount.

Any questions => do contact us at: info@fitdoc.be

von Geert Debruyne_ - am 12.11.2013 16:44
This looks like a great product Geert. All the best. Now to make it Web based?


Ericus Steyn

von Ericus - am 12.11.2013 21:19
No doubt about that! It is a great product!
The web based version in 'on the road'; we are now developing two major extra functions for the product:
- a webportal to get access to the stored document (beware that in document mangement world wide access of large documents is not trivial!
- a function to analyse electronic documents (f.i.: scanning an invoice and let FITdoc analyse it so we can automatically extract all the necessary metadata from the document without any user intervention...

And maybe i should not mention this here): we now have a .NET assembly for integrating our software with existing .NET-software.

von Geert Debruyne_ - am 16.11.2013 17:22
Hello Geert

Does your software integrate to Alfresco ?
We use Alfresco as the backend for some document management software we wrote for a client. It functions as a web based document storage and presents as a remote mapped drive to our software. Because the documents are on a web server they can be accessed through phones & tablets, but as far as I know it doesn't have the scanning analysis options that you have mentioned and this part is of interest to us.


von Al - am 16.11.2013 19:48
for the moment it does not integrate with Alfresco, but we are looking at it as an alternative to our own cloud environment which will come up beginning next year...


von Geert Debruyne - am 25.11.2013 10:10
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