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WD19 French Solves! - WinDev 18 and .NET in 64bit - Some PC Soft Support

Startbeitrag von Jeff Graham am 10.11.2013 21:24


Is anyone using any of the following in 64bit?

1) DotNetDelegate

2) WinDev generated .NET assemblies in C#

If so I would really like to know how because anything beyond the most simple cases just does not work for me. They work find in 32bit but I have spent two weeks trying to move the 32bit versions to 64bit without success. PC Soft technical support just says the problems are not WinDev problems.


Re: WinDev 18 and .NET in 64bit

PC Soft just responded again that their DotNetDelegate example works in 64bit and 32bit on serveral machines. However, it does not work in 64bit test mode for me and it did not for Ben. Here is a link to their unmodified DotNetDelegate example:


If anyone has the time, please test. If it works for you in both 32bit and 64bit test modes, please let me know. If not, please send a Tech Support Requiest saying so. They tend to ignore me as I have sent hundreds over the years. Maybe flooding them will help or I will find the cause on my machine.

Thanks for your time,

von Jeff Graham - am 12.11.2013 16:35

Re: WinDev 18 and .NET in 64bit - Help Please

PC Soft sent me an 64bit exe that they generated and it worked on my machine. However, it was a different screen and had an extra check box. I asked them to send that project but they did not.

I found the project in the French version of WD18 and yes it generates a 64bit exe that works. So I started searching for the differences.

I found the difference! There are no DotNetDelegate commands and no .NET assemblies in that example! And they send me an exe from this to "prove" that DotNetDelegate works in 64bit! They use a WD command "fTrackDirectory" which works but I need DotNetDelegate with .NET assemblies.

I said over and over that I need 64bit DotNetDelegate to work with framework 4.0. And even sent their WD 17 example by the same name that uses DotNetDelegate (which they sent me) upgraded to WD 18. It works in 32bit but not 64bit. They obviously did not even try what I sent them!

I think that is really poor technical support!

von Jeff Graham - am 13.11.2013 15:06

FIX from PC Soft for part of 64-bit problems


I just received a dll that fixes the 64-bit DotNetDelegate problem. Here is the link if anyone is interested:

Unfortunately, it does not fix the 64-bit .NET assembly generation problems.


von Jeff Graham - am 29.11.2013 19:17
I have downloaded the final release French WD 19. They have a new example, WD Délégué DOTNET, which works in 64bit. However, I have to do a lot more translating to find out how it is working. It is totally structured differently.

I will now test more of my 64_bit issues with my projects. I am looking forward to the English WD 19.


von Jeff Graham - am 22.12.2013 17:12
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