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WB - filter dropdown while typing

Startbeitrag von Arie am 12.11.2013 11:07

in a web-app where users need to search a project out of a list of 5000+ projects. (coming from a hfcs database)
Whenever a user starts typing I want some kind of dropdown after 3 characters showing all projects containing this word.
Kind of the functionality when using google search.
Is there a WB example showing me how to do this?
Will Ajax be fast enough for this?
Or is it better to load all projects before, ie when opening the page?
Any tips are welcome.


Hello Arie

this kind of things is typically done using ajaxexecuteasynchronous...

The problem is not the speed of ajax (as ajax has no speed) but the speed of your server AND the speed of the connection between your server and the client...

So your code has to be smart enough to do the request at the right time (2 or 3 characters entered) and then use the array received and further filter through it if the user continued to type during this time

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.11.2013 11:40
Hi Arie,

You could add a looup popup table?



von Allard - am 12.11.2013 12:48
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