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related to:DATABASE - analisyse - TURTORIAL

Startbeitrag von Starter am 12.11.2013 13:40

well i was doing the analasis turtorial (with windev EXPRESS) and came to the point of importing the.CVS fille when windev returned a error.becouse of it i do not fully get the analisyse part.

( 1 )
i did some practice with data end analysis plz confirm or de confirm my next statement.

When you create 4 data filles Control ,data1 , data2,data3 and a arrow from Control connects with ,data1 , data2,data3.Then the saved data is linked together.so if i askfor the first record in control en ask for the first record in the other data filles , they wil match my input?

( 2 )

Data.weer=edit control with variabel content for good of this exampel lets use "zon"
now this proces is repeated 4 times with diffrent information in the edit control

however when i ask trace(Data.weer)
trace only returns 1 Record what did i do wrong?

thanks in advance for any help


Hi Starter

If I read your question correctly, you seem to have absolutely NO development background... So your first step would be to find a website teaching basic development... Here we are giving advice on how to use the pcsoft tools to people who already have SOME development knowledge

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 12.11.2013 13:55
Hi Starter,

It may seem you need to understand the basics of relational database design first.
There's plenty of free articles in many languages out there that help you understand relational design and database normalisation as a next phase.

Next you will need queries to retrieve the linked data in a single data set using things like inner, left outer, right outer, union joins etc. to process the data using a programming language...

Google a bit on 'Relational database design' or 'database normalisation' and you'll find a lot of intresting stuff that will help you design your relational database in a future-proof way.

Next you can revert back to the W-Language tutorial to see how you can define a query to retrieve the data and pull it up to the screen/page.


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 12.11.2013 14:15
Hi starter,

You could also try to use rad. and look at what it produces. Or a really simple example. But indeed you seem to be a real starter and thus that may make no sence to you at all.

But donnot be discouraged. I was a newbe a view years ago and can tell you you are starting off with a great product. If you untherstand the consept of data and w-language you will be able to create windows web and mobile apps that rock.

It is verry mutch easier to develop than C# ,vb or java.

Just do Every step of the tutorial. Donnot skip anything.

For your question. Here is a little info.

First: We talk about files. In other languages these are called tables.
First donnot call your files data1, data2. Name your files so they make sence

The connection between files in analysis is just to connect hem. If you lay a connection ( with the arrow) you are taken to a wissard. After this proces you will see that in both records there is a field that has the same name.

In the first record this is the first field. Say data1ID ( this is called the primairy key)
in the second record is field is not the first field.( it is called secondary key)

Huh indeed you better look at documentation online. For your question if you use following code you will see all the 4 items entered

For all data
trace( data.weer)



von Allard - am 13.11.2013 09:17
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