[WD16 - 18] Problem after editing V16 analysis with V18

Startbeitrag von Al am 12.11.2013 19:20

Hello All

Just a note of warning about editing the analysis.
I have a few projects that are based around a common set of data, so I use one analysis for them all. At the moment one of the smaller projects has moved on to V18 and the others are still in V16. I had always edited the analysis using V16 but a couple of weeks ago I accidently opened the analysis from the V18 project and changed a file structure.

Since then there is a continuing problem that I have been unable to fix.

If I open the analysis while I am in a V16 project it opens ok and I can do whatever I need to and then save it, but if I try to regenerate the analysis, Windev crashes. I then have to open just the analysis wda file and regenerate the analysis, then delete the project env file and re-open the project otherwise the project crashes on opening it.

I now also have to delete the env file whenever I re-open any V16 project that uses the common analysis, regardless of whether I have edited the analysis or not.

I am not too fussed because I will be moving all the projects using the analysis into V18 over the Christmas break, but thought I should mention it in case anyone else is in the same position with mixed version projects..



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