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Webdev controls don't work anymore WB18

Startbeitrag von A.H.J. Mess am 14.11.2013 10:02

Hello, since yesterday i can't get controls to work anymore in our project. In none of the pages. When i put a breakpoint into the code it doesn't "break" anymore. Has anyone seen / solved this before? I did a remove of the .cpl map but no luck.

Regard, Aad


Hello Aad

since yesterday was a big windows update day, I'm going to guess and say that you are testing in IE, which means that you are in the case of something incompatible in your code with IE10/11

To make sure it's that, test in chrome and firefox. If it works fine, then you'll have to either find whats incompatible (ONE js error and nothing will work on the page) and modify it or add a line in your header to ask IE to work in IE8 compatible mode

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 14.11.2013 11:31
Hi Aad,

I have seen this before in WD, where I run the project and no buttons work, no combo lists are populated etc. The app is running but the window is dead and no controls work.

It happens rarely, but seems to be caused by the SCM. So when 1 developer is checking in their work, while another developer is getting updates from the SCM.

I have found that closing WinDev and recompiling the project seems to fix it. Not sure if this will help but you never know.


von Ned! - am 14.11.2013 15:11
Thanks Fabrice & Ned,

I didn't get it to work but had to make a new page and copy and paste each control. Hereafter everything worked ok. Maybe it has to do with a error in Browser Code?

Regards, Aad

von A.H.J. Mess - am 04.12.2013 11:26
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