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Reading Notifications in Android

Startbeitrag von Alan Evans am 18.11.2013 08:31


Does anyone know if it's possible to read Notifications from a WinDev Mobile 18 program? I know it's possible to create and modify your own notifications in WinDev, but I'm talking about Notifications that can come in from anywhere.

I'm looking at using a third-party (PushOver) program to send notifications to my mobile device but I want to be then be able to read them in using WinDev.

Many thanks



Hi Alan

it is not easy, but doable... If you are interested, it implies the use of some JAVA code, of course, and there is some detailed explanation on the french windev mobile forum (pcsoft.fr) that you should be able to find and follow with google translate

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.11.2013 14:49
Hi Fabrice,

Ok, thanks, I'll give it a go!



von Alan Evans - am 18.11.2013 15:13
Thanks Arie, I'll download it and have a look.



von alan evans - am 20.11.2013 15:22
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