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pre populate form

Startbeitrag von iso am 18.11.2013 09:59


is it possible to open an html control then populate its web form, this is the form i have in mind.





I guess its not really a function of windev, but i solved this by adding the parameters of the form to the end of the url.

von iso - am 28.11.2013 15:08
Hi iso

I have a similar case. Could you give a sample code using that same site?

best regards

von Ola (not signed-in) - am 02.12.2013 08:25
HTM_travel = "http://jplanner.travelinenortheast.info/?form=form&ab="+gsMyaddress+"&de="+gsPracAddress+"&l=1"+"&q="+DateToString(DateSys(),"DDDD DD MMMM YYYY")

i am still working on it, where '&1=1'

l is the name of the time dropdown on the form and 1 is the 1st in the list i just have to convert the time to recognise this.

Also if the form method is 'POST' you will not be able to execute the submit button automatically only if its 'GET'

von iso - am 02.12.2013 11:29
Thanks ici


von Ola (not signed-in) - am 02.12.2013 11:36
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