WB17 - access table columns on browser side

Startbeitrag von Arie am 18.11.2013 21:05

I'm trying to use a table cdntrol in edit mode.
I want to check some values entered when the user exits a column.
I.e. when he or she types a part of a project name, I want to present a popuplist of possible project. And then he can choose one.
There is no server-side onexit event, only on the browser side.
But the exit-with-modification gives me an error saying:
Error:The 'COL_Project' control is a table column: it is not accessible in browser code.
PAGE_ProjectEdit.CELL_CellModel1.CELL_NoName4.TABLE_Project' .COL_Project, Exit with modification (onchange), line 4, column 1

How do I get access to the entered value in this column?


Hi Arie

for anything that is not available on the browser side, you can just interrogate the server side with ajaxexecute...

Now be careful if you are in awp mode, as changes made on the browser side do not exist on the server side (by example, if the user sorts by clicking on the column header, the server side is NOT aware of the sort, as there is no kept context in that case).. .So in that mode, if you are not careful, the ajaxexecute may return a value that is NOT the one the user selected.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.11.2013 21:20
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