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Wx 19 brochure

Startbeitrag von ICI am 18.11.2013 22:29

If someone interested, I am little play on internet and make conversion and translation from French into English PDF publication for presenting version 19.

I do not know if it is legal to share this converted document against PC SOFT copyrights.
I do this to easy understand "what's writer want to say" 'cause my french is , hm.

Regards !


Yes from me

von Marius - am 19.11.2013 05:25
Hi ICI, sorry to say, please, use it for your own reading, but do not distribute these documents as such doings can become very expensive for you. PC Soft's quite a bit touchy about unauthorized distribution of their documents. Thank you for your understanding!

von GuenterP - am 19.11.2013 06:17

Mayby you can work something out with OC Soft to translate?

Marc :cool:

von Marc De Swert - am 19.11.2013 06:51
Hi Guenter
I know this is illegal and I will not share it with anybody, but if someone try to translate my documents to help my company to get more consumers I will be happy. This is just try to say to PC SOFT to inform other World (other than French) what they do. If I can remove protection from document, convert into Word document and translate it into English in 30 min's (first time I ever try to do something like this) why they can not do that normally and LEGAL.

Regards !

von ICI - am 19.11.2013 07:14

Why not ask them , maybe sent them an email ?



von Allard - am 19.11.2013 09:46

It's perfectly understandable that they don't want crappy translations of their brochure to be pre-released.
The English version is on a different time table, so just wait until it's there.


von Piet van Zanten - am 19.11.2013 10:13
Hi Piet,
yes, thank you, that's exactly the prevalent idea behind their policy! The next one is that changes in functionality could happen until April or May of next year and should be reflected in the English version of the brochure.

von GuenterP - am 20.11.2013 07:22
Allard. For some mails we are never get response or response is like for a kids, not to say "for idiots", it is strong word.

OK. I am ask and I'm got answers. Thank you. I respect meaning of this community so I ask here and expect to hear voice from respectable people.

Regards !

von ICI - am 20.11.2013 09:16
only 2 things I interesting
1. json -> I worry later for windev only
2. 64bit linux GUI -> I worry later only few controls available .

I don't see much new things, i most likely will skip this version , unless they give very cheap upgrade price

von CCC2 - am 20.11.2013 09:25
Same here, I don't see that much of interest, particularly as we just upgraded all our WinDev keys, Desktop , Mobile and Web to v18 only 4 months ago. I'd much rather PCSoft spent time maturing their current product offering and only have 450 new features rather than 900, so we'll wait and see what v20 brings.

von Alan Evans - am 20.11.2013 09:36
Copies of books and movies will get you in trouble. Book and movie reviews won't.

von artbonds - am 04.12.2013 00:09
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