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rename / define WinDev Langauge

Startbeitrag von Gary Williams am 20.11.2013 09:21

I want to use language selection for multi targeted application. Basically I am writing a small CRM app that will be used inside a number of our projects, so the terminology will change from app to app.

So I want to use the Language settings, and in-particular "Language1", "Language2" to store different text versions so we can easily switch.

What I wanted to know is if there is a way to manage the languages available? IE. can I rename "Language 1" as something that makes sense to me and can I change and save the setting of the I want as a new language or overwriting "Language 1"



Hi Gary

AFAIK, no, there is no such possibility... But remember: Absence of proof doesn't mean proof of absence, so there may be something I don't know there...

However, about your strategy: You may encounter some problems with you system, as each of the different project "including" your CRM will have to work in the same language than the one selected for you CRM (trying to mix two languages at execution time in a project is a BAD idea)

So make a small test before deciding that overriding some terminology by another one by code in your project is not simpler

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.11.2013 12:58
Hi Gary,

be aware of the fact that the translations are compiled into the executable. Whenever you have a changed or new caption or string or whatever you have to recompile and distribute it. Translations are not read from a file/db during runtime.
I personally think that a better strategy however. Gives you much more flexibilty. Would be nice if pcsoft would enhance the groupware stuff and add changeable control captions this way. Until then you have to build it yourself.

von Arie - am 20.11.2013 13:19
Hi Arie,

OK, that is what I had to do in Visual FoxPro, but was hoping the built in WinDev language capabilities would avoid that.

Never mind, will build in a lookup table.

Thanks Gary.

von Gary Williams - am 20.11.2013 16:21
Hi Fabrice,

Your point on mixed languages is a good one.

I will follow Arie's advice and do what we used to do in Visual FoxPro and do our own look up.



von Gary Williams - am 20.11.2013 16:22
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