Link to AWP Page from a table (WX 18)

Startbeitrag von steve erts am 22.11.2013 02:06


I am trying to call an AWP page from a link column on an ajax table and pass parameters from the current row using pagedisplay and I just can not get it to work. I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've tried using the click code on the column, I've tried using the preset actions to call the server click code on a hidden button, nothing seems to work.

Can anyone help with this? It just can't be this hard! I have to be missing something.

I'd even be satisfied with a non ajax table if I could figure out how to code the link correctly.



edit: I from looking into this deeper that Pagedisplay is not supported from Ajax Table but the error only shows up when you put in Table Code, not the code for the column so I didn't notice intially. Still trying to hit on solution...


So, having not been able to find a direct way to do this I came up with an work around solution .

What I did was inserted a CookieWrite into the row selection code on the table to write out the data I needed from the selected row and then used "Run the Server Code of Link" from a button that is placed above the table. In this link I put the the page name of the awp page.. and in the called page I do a CookieRead to get the data display the page.

Not exactly optimal and I still can't figure out why something so seemingly simple is (apparently?) left out of Webdev put at least I can move on for now.

Hope this helps someone in the future...

von steve erts - am 22.11.2013 18:47

use a looper instead. Maybe look at the forum example



von Allard - am 25.11.2013 13:55
Hi Allard,

I know that I could use a looper (I'm using them elsewhere) but really don't want to as I like the way the table display looks. Trying to mimmick the way a table looks in a looper is kind of a PITA.


von steve erts - am 25.11.2013 18:30
Hello Steve

There are now almost 100 free WX webinars at covering a wealth of topics - with one or two new ones added each week (note Chrome sometimes does not fully open the site correctly so suggest you access it via IE).

If I understand your question correctly then I expect that Webinar #44 explains how to do what you require describing how to open an AWP page from a dynamically generated URL within a cell in a WB table control.

If after watching it you still require guidance then let me know and I could provide a WB17 an example app.



von John Armstrong - am 26.11.2013 08:16

Thanks! I'll check that out.


von steve erts - am 26.11.2013 16:03
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