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Data File size

Startbeitrag von DW am 23.11.2013 19:24

Hello All,

I have a data file that I use to transport documents from client to server. There are only 2 fields Session ID Text 50 chars and a Binary Memo. These are used as temporary records and should be deleted at the end of the user session. What I noticed is after all the records are deleted from the file it shows the size of the data file at 1.03G. I tried to do option 5 reindex and remove thecroosed and deleted records but it still shows 1.03g file size with no records in the data file.

Any suggestions would be great.



Hi Dennis

If there is no record in the file, a simple hcreation will do the trick

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 23.11.2013 19:28
Hello Fabrice,

Thank you for the quick response, I did try it but I get a file locked error. I did look at the lock tab in the control center and did not show any locked records but still no go.

There are users on the db and can not kick them off so can not try again until midnight.

I did a experiment on a test db and the only way I get it to zero is deleting the file.

Dennis W

von DW - am 23.11.2013 20:02

Just thought I would share:

I read the help and found that hDeleteAll is the way to go. Tested it and it worked.

From the Help
Deletes all the records from a data file, from a HyperFileSQL view or from a query. The records are deleted logically and physically. They cannot be restored.
The following operations are performed:
•the records are deleted: the records are not referenced in the index anymore. The data is not kept.
•the indexes (corresponding to the keys of the records) are deleted from the index file.
•the memos associated with the records are deleted from the memo file.
•the automatic identifiers are re-initialized.

Using HDeleteAll presents the following benefits:
•the process is faster
•the size of the empty data file is smaller.

To delete the records from a data file, you also have the ability to use HCreation.
Benefit compared to the use of HCreation
Using HDeleteAll presents the following benefits:
•Deletion possible even if users are connected to the data file.
•Automatic management of HyperFileSQL errors.

von DW - am 23.11.2013 23:24
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